Wheel Alignment Service for Mill Creek WA
When your tires wearing unevenly or your car is pulling to one side then you may be in need of a wheel alignment. Every six months to a year you should bring in your car for a wheel alignment inspection. A properly aligned vehicle will help you extend the life of your tires. Here at K.C. Martin we have been handling any car maintenance issue in Mill Creek for over 60 years- including wheel alignment.   
We are ready to align your car's wheels and keep your tires in shape!
Wheel Alignment and professional auto services for Mill Creek WA.
When your car is properly aligned your wheels will point in a straight line that helps with resistance and reducing vibration and improper tire ware. A correctly aligned vehicle will get better fuel efficiency.   Also, while we realigning your car, we will inflate and rotate your tires, and check your brakes for problems and ware.  Give us a call today for outstanding service from a expert auto shop that has been serving Mill Creek WA for more than 60 years!
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When we check alignment we follow an extensive process and through inspecting tire pressure, wear, and look at your present alignment via diagnostic testing. 

KC Martin will look at your alignment results to help know what to adjust when it comes to your caster, camber and toe angles.  

We are prepared to help return your car to manufacturer specifications and ensure that your vehicle runs properly.
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