Wheel Alignment Service

We will make sure to check tire pressure, check tire wear, and inspect your current alignment via proper testing.  We can provide alignment readings that will let us know exactly what to adjust and fix when it comes to the camber, caster, and toe angles.  We will get them back to manufacturer specifications and get you back on the road.  Getting your vehicle aligned properly get all of your wheels pointing in a straight line, which reduces resistance, vibrations and irregular tire wear, which will increase your car’s fuel efficiency.
We're happy to provide Wheel Alignment in Lynnwood along with our complete Auto Services. We can Align your wheels to keep your tires in good shape!
We always Road Test your wheel alignment and make sure we’ve got it right.  And, while we’re at it, we can rotate your tires, properly inflate your tires, and perform a quick brake check.  Don’t hesitate, call today and make sure you get the kinds of wheel alignment Lynnwood WA customers have depended on for over 60 years!  
State-of-the-Art Wheel Alignment in Lynnwood!
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Lynnwood Wheel Alignment - Get it Straight Today!
Wheel Alignment Lynnwood
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Wheel Alignment Lynnwood
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Are you noticing your car pull to one side or are you experiencing uneven wear on your tires?  You may need a proper wheel alignment.  On average, you should have an alignment check every 6 months to a year.  Proper wheel alignment is important for getting the most life out of your tires. K.C. Martin Automotive handles wheel alignment Lynnwood WA customers can depend on.  

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