What if my timing belt breaks?   

  • Your car will shut down and you are at risk of ruining your engine. The damage created by a broken belt can be costly, as much as TEN TIMES the amount of replacing it before it breaks. 

Timing Belt replacement is a regular maintenance that simply NEEDS to be done. KC Martin has decades of experience and ASE certified technicians ready to quickly complete your needed repairs.   We work hard to make your service smooth and efficient.  
Your car's engine does not run without a working timing belt.  Timely replacement of the belt may save you thousands of dollars and will help keep your car on the road.  
We are ready to fix your car or truck, Edmonds! Contact us today at 425-778-1177 and we are will work with you to help maintain or fix your car.  We do timing belts as well as your Brakes, Factory Maintenance, Oil Changes, and more!
Timing Belt Replacement for Mill Creek WA
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KC Martin Auto Repair in Mill Creek
Timing Belt Replacement in Mill Creek
Timing Belt Repair
Timing Belt Replacement for Mill Creek WA
K.C. Martin is here to help with anything your car needs. We work on all models and makes of cars and trucks; and are ready to help with your timing belt replacement today! Check your owner's manual for exact specifications but about every 50-90 thousand miles your belt will need to be replaced.
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