Do you know if you're car is due for a Timing Belt Replacement?  The timing belt is incredibly vital to your car or truck.  If it breaks, then it will cost TEN TIMES the amount of simply replacing it when it is recommended (or even on the early end of the spectrum). A broken timing belt could actually ruin your entire engine, and that would cost thousands of dollars to replace. Timing Belt replacement is a common service that simply NEEDS TO BE DONE, but only every 50,000 to 90,000 miles.  It's a labor-intensive procedure, but well-worth the cost in preventing a much more expensive issue. 
How important is your Timing Belt?  Well, it is a simple part that needs to be replaced LONG BEFORE it fails. If you're overdue, get your Timing Belt Replacement here!
Whether you know much about your car's timing belt or not KC Martin's expert technicians will take a close look and listen to your timing belt to make sure that it needs replacement (and also research when the proper schedule for replacement is suggested by the factory). Most of the time we must take important parts of your vehicle off, in order to get to where the belt can be replaced. We always try to be considerate and offer any other preventative fixes and replacements while we are in there.  This can save you time and money, and also keep you ahead of other problems or issues.
KC Martin is so thankful to the loyal customers that have trusted us with their repairs big and small.  Call today for Timing Belt Replacement Lynnwood WA (425-778-1177). KC Martin is sure to be efficient and knowledgeable. We also hope to be the one you choose to make your BrakesOil Changes, and Factory Maintenance, quick, smooth, and easy!
Timing Belt Replacement
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