The muffler is a major part of the car- it is in the car's exhaust system and limits the amount of noise coming from your engine. The muffler makes a HUGE difference in the amount of sound coming from your car. Car mufflers are comprised of a set of tubes with holes in them and are finely tuned to reflect the sound waves and “deaden” the sound coming from your car.

For muffler repair or replacement, or for any exhaust system issue, we will take care of you.   Over time, your muffler can rust and develop holes and cracks. Rusted mufflers, bent mufflers, and weakened mufflers, are all reasons to bring your vehicle to your Mill Creek Auto Repair specialists at K.C. Martin Automotive.
Do you have a noisy muffler, a rusted muffler, excess exhaust smoke, or a damaged muffler? Get it in to K.C. Martin Auto Repair for an inspection right away!
Unsure if you're muffler is the issue? We will be able to inspect and find out if your car’s muffler is the problem, right away. If you are experiencing big clouds of smoke when starting your vehicle, rattling or hissing noises, or a visually sagging, bent or broken muffler, you’ll want to get it in to us for a possible muffler replacement.  Bring it in and let’s get it diagnosed and fixed properly. And if your car needs a new muffler---we will make it an affordable replacement.

Car mufflers, Truck mufflers, and SUV mufflers are all well within our scope at KC Martin, your Mill Creek muffler repair go-to guys!  Bring us your mufflers Mill Creek WA.
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