Is your muffler getting extra noisy, pushing out extra smoke, or looking a little too rusty? Whether it's wearing out or damaged. Come to KC Martin for an inspection and repair or muffler replacement today!
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Your muffler is a part of your car or truck's exhaust system and it is there to limit all the noise that is coming straight from your engine. It makes a big difference---so much so that when it starts to fail, the noise gets pretty obvious, pretty fast.

For mufflers in Lynnwood WA, or any muffler repair or exhaust system issue in general, we can take care of you. The most common issues with the exhaust system though, do come from the muffler. The series of tubes and holes that make up the inside of a muffler are finely tuned, and are notorious for developing holes or cracks which mess up the muffler's ability to deaden sound. You may also find you have a rusted or bent muffler, and that will affect it's performance.

There are some instances when a muffler can be repaired or may not have been properly installed. We are ready to take your car in and get you a proper diagnosis. It's usually not muffler repair Lynnwood WA drivers need, but a replacement, and if that's the case, we are an affordable option for your muffler replacement. Bring us your car, truck, or SUV mufflers Lynnwood. KC Martin can be your complete auto repair consultant for total care of your vehicle!
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