Our shop is approved by the State of Washington to repair your vehicle after a failed emission test.  Please, call us and schedule an appointment right away!  Preferably before your tabs have expired.

VERY IMPORTANT.  PLEASE READ: If you have not yet had taken your vehicle through emission testing, but you have a "check engine" light on, you SHOULD NOT bring your vehicle to anyone just yet.  What you need to do is go ahead and put your vehicle through testing and expect it to fail.  THEN schedule service with us to have the vehicle's issue corrected right after.
K.C. Martin is approved to handle your Emission Repairs
The reason you need to have it tested first is because any repairs made BEFORE the first test cannot be applied toward the waiver amount ($150).  But, after an initial fail and that waiver amount (or more) is paid to an approved auto repair company, you are "waived" through, even if you still have a check engine light showing.  Ultimately doing this in this order gives YOU more options for how you want to handle your vehicle.

If your vehicle is NOT due for an emission test, but the "check engine" light is coming on, please follow the directions highlighted on our Warning Lights Page, and try to get it in to us as soon as possible to avoid any further damage.
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