Do you have a dashboard waring light on? What does it mean? Here are some samples with some possible causes:

Brake Warning Light 
There are two common happenings that will set off this light. One is that the brake fluid level is too low. This can be caused by a leak or a failure of a brake system part. The other time this light will be set off is when your parking brake is activated. 

Oil Warning Light 
This light is triggered when the engine oil pressure is too low. This could be caused by the oil level being too low or a failure of an internal engine part.

Coolant Temperature Light 
This light is triggered when the engine coolant temperature is too high. This could be caused by the engine coolant level being too low or by a component failure.

Battery Light 
This light comes on when the battery voltage is too low or too high. This could be caused by a failing battery or other charging system components. Depending upon battery usage such as lights, wipers or the heater, you may be able to drive a ways before the voltage gets too low to keep the engine running.

If any of the aforementioned lights come on while driving, we recommend pulling the vehicle over as soon as it is safe and have the vehicle towed to a repair facilit. Play it safe, have it towed. 

Service Engine Soon or Check Engine Light
Yellow lights usually indicate something has faulted in one of the vehicles computer control systems. 

1. There are three different stages-lights on and then off again, constant on and constant flashing.

2. When these lights come and then go off again it usually means that there was a bad reading from one of the many sensors that give input to the computerized control system. Depending upon the circumstance, the vehicle may operate normally without any noticeable problems. We recommend getting the vehicle checked out as soon as possible.

3. When these lights stay on steadily, it usually means that there is a total failure of one or more of the sensors. You may or may not notice any drivability problems. We recommend getting the vehicle repaired as soon as possible to avoid damaging any other parts.

4. When these lights are flashing constantly, it usually means a severe failure. Pull the vehicle over as soon as it is safe and have it towed to a repair facility.

ABS Light 
This light indicates that something is wrong with your antilock brake system. You may have diminished     braking capability. Make an appointment with your repair facility as soon as possible. All these circumstances listed are very generic. Please consult your owner's manual for more specifics pertaining to your vehicle.

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