Is your car's heater not getting as warm as you need? It's not only an issue of comfort for you, but a matter of safety as well! The defog/defrost runs from your heating system, and if your windshield and windows are constantly being fogged up, or you are not able to clear all of the frost from them, then you cannot afford to put off your heating issue. Your visibility is limited, so your safety and your passengers' safety is at risk.  

​   Your Car's Heating system can fail due to:
  • Low antifreeze in the cooling system
  • The blower fan ceasing to work
  • Contaminated coolant that isn't cycling well
  • A broken thermostat
  • A broken heater core

​You can see how the system will stop delivering heat if anything from the list of issues above is going on. KC Martin is ready to provide car heater repairs for you once we do a proper diagnosis. If you are a current customer of ours, you know to just bring your vehicle in and let us get it figured out ASAP. We've been handling car heating issues in Lynnwood for decades!  If you want to know more about what could be wrong, though, please read on.

You can check the coolant, and if it is either low or contaminated, then you won't get that heat moving around to where you need it and away from where you don't need it. A faulty cooling system can also compromise your engine, so you SHOULD NOT hesitate to get this fixed----it's the most common culprit, and could be due to a leak somewhere. Sometimes it's only the thermostat, but don't bet on it.

You could also be experiencing a broken blower, but you can usually tell if you aren't feeling any force of air out of your vents. And, of course, if the heater core isn't allowing the hot coolant to pass through it, then you're not going to get heat into the cabin. It still boils down to the fact that you should get your car seen by a professional to make sure which of these is occurring and can get that part or area fixed.
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