Certified Auto Technicians in Mill Creek WA
We have specialized training to handle all your brake's needs. Whether it's simple pad replacement, or repair of rotors and calipers- we do it all. At KC Martin you will always receive professional care for your  brake service. Replacing the pads BEFORE they wear down is the key to making your car's brake system last without costly repairs.
 Brake problems? Are the brakes squealing or grinding? K.C. Martin Automotive is here to help! We provide free brake inspection and will give specialized brake service at an affordable price.
We handle every repair precisely and completely. If drums, discs, or rotors are worn or even damaged, we can take care of it for you. We can inspect and check on your brake fluid and your hydraulic system. We can fix any car issue- we not only handle brakes but can also similtaniously service the rest of your vehicle as well.
We are so thankful to the loyal customers that have trusted us with their repairs big and small. We aim to make your Brakes, Oil Changes, and Factory Maintenance, quick, smooth, and easy!
4829 196th St. SW  Lynnwood, WA
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Auto Service Brake Repair Mill Creek WA
When should you bring in your car to KC Martin for a free inspection? Come in when you hear squealing or screeching of any kind- or it has been a year- or 20,000 miles since your last brake check.  Don't hesitate, call for an appointment today.
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