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Your Relationship with your Mechanic

by KC Martin Automotive on 11/04/13

It's time to talk about RELATIONSHIPS. Bet ya didn't see that one coming from this auto blog! Well, we're not talking about your love life. We're talking about the importance of looking for a mechanic or auto repair shop that you can stick with for the long haul. Why? Because the health of your vehicle and it's ability to last longer, with fewer breakdowns, has everything to do with keeping your repairs, servicing, and advising with a single trusted source.

In this day and age, folks get used to bidding out every single price for everything. We might be getting a little too used to approaching each need and in the case of our cars, each repair, with a "start from scratch" mentality.  The truth is that your car mechanic is a lot more like a "family doctor" for your vehicles. Sometimes second opinions are necessary, sure, but most of the time it will benefit you to stick with one trusted source for the health of your family. 

This is how KC Martin Automotive & Transmission has approached business for the past 65 years. In fact, the biggest factor in our 65 years of success, has been the creation of long-standing relationships with customers, their vehicles, and even their families.  If you choose to follow us on Facebook or read comments on some of the review sites out there, you'll see a running theme---you will see more than a few comments about how they are second or even third generation customers of KC Martin.  Of course we're proud of that, but more importantly it demonstrates the ability for an auto repair facility and staff to show savings and reliability over time.

Most other great auto repair shops out there (I'm sure we're not the ONLY good one--haha) would likely agree that you should find a mechanic that performs well, for a reasonable price, and build a level of trust.  If they are not trustworthy, well, then you move on and try another shop/mechanic. 

Ultimately, when you find that trustworthy expert who takes care of you correctly each time, and watches out for the long-term care of your cars and trucks, you will save yourself a ton of money. The right auto repair guys are the ones who you should be bringing your car to for every issue your vehicles have, unless it is a service they do not offer. In our case, we handle everything from wheel alignment, transmission repair, and even an oil change Lynnwood drivers have been trusting us with for decades. Over time, you should notice that your cars need less "fixing" and you will also have a tendency to be ahead of problems so they cost less than the big issues that may develop.

KC Martin Automotive feels that we win a ton of customers by our expertise and trustworthiness, providing maximum value. We want your business if you are looking for a dependable mechanic for the long haul, so we'd love for you to give us a shot. Who knows? Maybe we'll earn the business of your family for generations to come as well.

( In case you were wondering, we have folks come from all around, and outside of the Lynnwood area to use our service. So, whether it's Auto Repair Mill Creek, Mountlake Terrace, Edmonds, or Shoreline folks are looking for, we're here to treat you and your car right!)

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