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Your Car Battery: Keeping it Healthy and When You Know it's Dead

by KC Martin Automotive on 09/09/15

Your car’s battery keeps your car running; it is one of the most important parts of any vehicle. Regular care and maintenance to any part of your vehicle will save you money by prolonging function or avoiding major breakdowns—this holds true for your car’s battery as well. When you take preventative care of the battery you can prolong the life of the battery and save yourself money. The timely replacement of a malfunctioning battery will keep your car running through even the harshest conditions. Below are some tips for keeping your battery healthy for longer and some battery life signs to watch out for. 

Tips to ensure a healthy battery: 

1) Consistent driving of the car. It is important to care for your vehicle by running it regularly. This will ensure that your car holds the required level of charge to keep the vehicle functioning.

2) Avoid draining the battery and using the battery while the car is off. Unplug extra electronic cords and accessories after use as constant use of the extra electronics will lead to premature battery drainage. Also over using your radio and other accessories while the car is not running can quickly drain the battery. 

3) Regular maintenance to the car- including scheduled checks of the battery charge rate. Consistent scheduled care to the car, especially the engine, will prevent overloading the battery- which reduces battery life. Also when having other maintenance preformed have your battery checked for its charging rate-- as both over and under charging will reduce battery life. 

4) Keep your car’s battery clean and secure. An unsecured or dirty battery can cause damage and reduce the life of the battery. 

Battery replacement signs (other than flat-out car dying out):

1) Visually inspect your car’s battery. When looking at the battery try to locate any stains or corrosion on the battery- as it may be an indicator of leakage. Also look for extensive corrosion; as this may effect battery performance and the terminals.

2) Smell the battery. A distinct scent coming from the vicinity of your car’s battery is an indicator of a problem and a possible need for replacement.

3) If you suspect there is a problem with your car’s battery- have it tested at a professional facility (your trusted auto mechanic) as testing will give an indication of current battery life and if a replacement battery is needed. 

Keeping care of your battery is essential to the total performance of your car and will continue to keep your car on the road. If you have any questions about your car battery’s performance or need to get your battery tested give us a call. KC Martin has been the quality auto repair mechanic in Lynnwood and Edmonds areas since 1948!

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