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When to Get Wheel Alignment Service on My Car or Truck?

by KC Martin Automotive on 04/12/16

Do you remember the last time that you had your car’s wheel alignment checked and corrected by a professional? If it has been over two years since your last alignment service or if you have recently purchased new tires then it is time to get this maintenance completed. Over time the angles of the wheels change and even if you have noticed no change to your car, it may still need a wheel alignment correction service.

Signs that you need a wheel alignment service:
Have you noticed your car pull to one side while you are driving? If you have, that is one sign that you may need a wheel alignment service for your car or truck. Another indicator is when you have uneven ware on your tires or your tires make noises when you turn. You may also notice a change in your control over the steering of your car when your vehicle needs an alignment service. Also after you have been in a collision or have hit the curb or potholes you may need to have your alignment checked.

Problems that occur from improper alignment:
Having improper alignment can cost you money from unnecessary wearing of your tires, causing steering problems, and even reducing gas mileage. Your bad alignment may also lead to safety issues because you have less control over your car during emergency situations and your car may also frequently wander from side to side on the road.

Benefits of aligned wheels:
When you take care of your car it saves you money and keeps you and your passengers safe on the road. Correct alignment will allow you to react to problems quickly, and not place unnecessary ware on your car or it’s components. It will also increase your gas mileage which cuts down on trips to the pump.

When you choose KC Martin Automotive you get generations of service and experience and at an affordable price. With the latest technology and tools, and ASE certified technicians, we are ready to complete your wheel alignment. We provide comprehensive inspections and we complete every service fully at our shops. Locally owned and family operated we are ready to assist you with any service or maintenance that your vehicle needs including a GREAT wheel alignment service. Give us a call today!

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1. alena said on 5/9/16 - 09:24AM
My car pulls to the right side a lot. I didn't know it was an alignment problem, I thought it was just my tires because they are old. I will have to get my car into a shop and have it looked at. Thanks for the tips. http://www.tyrepowermiami.com.au/wheel_alignment
2. Jeff Curtis said on 7/12/16 - 01:20PM
Thanks for this helpful post on when to get your wheels aligned. I really don't know much about getting your wheels aligned in your cars, but I have heard it helps your car a lot. I actually have noticed that my car seems to drift to the left as I drive straight. I should probably have it checked out and get my tires aligned. Thanks for the help! http://dwellsgoodyear.com/wheel-alignments-gurnee-il
3. Lillian Schaeffer said on 8/12/16 - 10:00AM
This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that alignment problems can cause extra wearing on your tires. I've noticed that my car tends to pull a little bit to the right, so I think the wheels are out of alignment. I didn't think this was a problem, but knowing that it can cause extra wear to my tires, I'll definitely look into having that fixed. Thanks for the great post! http://www.serviceproautoandtruckrepair.com/services
4. Prem Chauhan said on 4/11/19 - 03:17AM
Thanks for the article. It was really interesting and knowledgeable. Great work keep going. Thank you. I too have an automotive blog do visit:- https://creactive-ed.com/Home

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