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The Secret About Oil Changes

by KC Martin Automotive on 08/12/13

Oil changes are one of the first things we learn about when learning about maintaining our cars.  Oil changes are right up there with learning how to change a flat tire, how to put fuel in the car, and keeping your vehicle clean.  This basic act needs to happen for your car between 3,000-5,000 miles or every 3 months for the health of your engine. 

Years ago, many folks changed their oil themselves. If you've priced the oil, the filter, and the tools/materials it takes, plus the time and disposal effort, you've seen that there is not even much savings to be had in going to all that trouble.  How do auto shops charge so little for an oil change?  The secret is that most shops are performing your oil change as a friendly service, and making nothing on the service. 

It's great news for you in a sense.  How nice of us all to offer this kind of pricing to the public.  The other part of that secret, though, is that auto repair facilities are doing this to give you a reason to have your car seen and looked over by a trained professional. Many times vehicle-owners wait until something breaks or is significantly damaged to consider bringing their car in to the mechanic they trust. This way, your favorite mechanic gets the opportunity to save you money by recommending a "preventative" maintenance, which is usually much cheaper than waiting until something completely stops working.

Honestly, it's a double-win for customers. An oil change that they don't have to do themselves, and a chance to catch something before it becomes a problem.  That's the secret!  That's all. BUT, this news isn't nearly as great if you don't have a mechanic you can trust, if you're afraid that they will suggest work that doesn't need to be done, or if you simply take it to an under-qualified "quick-lube" place.

Our customers have come to know KC Martin for our straightforward approach, and a mindset that is interested in the long-term value for the customer.  This is how we have kept folks coming back for over 65 years now.

Sometimes even our own customers look for an oil change in Edmonds WA or in Lynnwood and settle for a place that can do a quick and "easy" oil change.  You must know that their motives are the same and they want to prescribe more work if they see anything that needs to be replaced.  We must caution you, though, that these places are not usually qualified and certified like a true auto repair facility.  In some cases, there are reports of these places attempting to suggest work or replacements that are not even necessary.

KC Martin simply wants to establish a COMPLETE relationship with our customers, so that you can get all of the value out of our service and your vehicle for years to come. Scheduling your oil change with us gets you FAR MORE than a simple lube, oil, and filter.  It gets you a full inspection and the assurance that we will take care of problems before they become too costly. A cheap oil change may end up being just a little TOO cheap, if you remember that the secret about oil changes is that it's a big opportunity to inspect and understand your vehicle.

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1. Rosemary Zahnow said on 8/14/13 - 06:09AM
Jerry How does it feel to be "on the road again"? WE miss YOU!!

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