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Taking Your Transmission Repair Needs to KC Martin

by KC Martin Automotive on 09/12/18

As you may already know, KC Martin Automotive is proudly celebrating it’s 70th year in business! The original location opened up in 1948 and is still operating on the same spot on 196th St in Lynnwood. We opened a second shop in 1986 to the south, that sits just off of Highway 99 and right near the border of both Edmonds and Mountlake Terrace. It has stayed on the same spot, for 32 years now. We call this shop “the Transmission shop” or “the Trans shop” for short, but it is officially KC Martin Transmissions, and it operates as a transmission specialist location, but in many ways operates as a completely separate complete auto care branch.

Over the years, you might have found an auto repair shop and/or a mechanic that you really appreciate and trust, which is perfect. KC Martin tries to be that trusted adviser that will keep your car lasting longer and stronger, saving you money in the long run. But, what happens when a transmission issue strikes? Many general auto repair shops will have to refer the work to a transmission specialist shop, because they don’t do that type of work. Truthfully, it’s a very specific art within the world of auto repair. This is why we’ve always been proud to employ transmission experts, many of which have spent their entire career diagnosing and repairing transmissions.

KC Martin customers really don’t have to worry about it either way. You can take your car to EITHER location for ANY auto repair. Many shops that will handle transmission repairs, actually don’t do the work themselves, but work with a local transmission specializing shop as a sort of sub-contractor. We work the same way a little, because if your car turns out to need transmission work, but you brought it into our 196th “original” shop, we will make sure it gets over to KC Martin Transmissions, and back to 196th when it is repaired and ready to go. We make things as simple as we can for our customers. 

In fact, you can walk into KC Martin Transmissions and schedule for ANY auto repair or service, but for instance, if it’s wheel alignment you need, we will take it to our facilities at the 196th shop. We then perform the alignment, and then bring it back to KC Martin Transmissions for you to pick up. As you can see, this gives you the BEST equipment and best expertise for the exact repair or service your car needs, but you don’t have to worry about bringing the car to the other location yourself----and we certainly don’t want you to go anywhere else besides KC Martin!

Our bottom line comment to customers is that we do ALMOST EVERYTHING FOR YOUR CAR BUT SELL YOU TIRES. And, that you should pick the KC Martin location that you feel most comfortable going to (usually the one closest to where you live), and let us take care of the rest. We do our best to communicate with you, communicate and schedule services between our shops, and give you EVEN MORE options than any average auto mechanic shop would, or could.

Get 70 years of friendly auto service, and 32 years of TWO-SHOP harmony on your side with KC Martin Automotive! Call us anytime, we’re glad to earn your business for decades to come.

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