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Six Simple Car Care and Driving Habit Resolutions You Can Still Make!

by KC Martin Automotive on 01/26/16

As we roll on with the New Year, there's still time to make one more set of New Year’s Resolutions—some important ones for your car. Every day you use and depend on the functionality of your car; a well-maintained car will keep you moving and save you money over big repair and overhaul costs. Are you ready to take good care of your car, so it can take great care of you in 2016? 

Below are six simple car care tips that will ensure the best experience for and your vehicle, and make it the best year yet!

1) Inspect your car on a regular basis, noticing leaks, sounds, or changes to your vehicle. Follow up on issues by getting them addressed in a timely manner. This will solve small problems early and keep your car running.

2) Change your vehicle's fluids regularly. Ensure on a monthly basis that all your fluids are topped off and consult your manual to see when fluids need to be changed. Staying on top of this easy maintenance task will save you on unnecessary repair costs.

3) Regularly examine your tires. Having the correct amount of pressure in your tires will maximize your gas efficiency. Also look at the tread on your tires. When your tires have worn unevenly it may affect other systems in the car such as the suspension.

4) Remove any dirt from the vehicle and keep it clean. A buildup of dirt and grime can be detrimental to the inside of your car as well as your car’s components.

5) Keep your car up-to-date on recommended services. Get to know your vehicle owner’s manual and if it recommends a service get it done in a timely manner by a professional.

6) Bring your car into a mechanic at least twice a year. This will help catch any small problems and repairs that are needed to keep your car from shutting down or having bigger issues down the road. It's why you shouldn't worry about changing your oil, even if you can. Just get your car in front of a good mechanic whenever it makes sense. This will actually SAVE you money, even though it may seem counter-intuitive. 

In 2016 take good care of your car by being an aware driver. The tips above are about being proactive and being aware of potential problems before they become big car issues. If you have additional questions regarding simple car care tips or if you would like to bring in your car to the local, affordable professionals give KC Martin a call today!

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