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Diesel Cars: How are they Different from Gasoline-powered?

by KC Martin Automotive on 02/06/17

Historically, the question of whether to buy a vehicle that runs on diesel fuel or stick with a gasoline-powered engine was left to those looking at purchasing a big truck of some kind. These days, passenger cars and SUVs that run on diesel are becoming more and more prevalent, but why? There certainly are some differences, and if you take a moment to examine them, you just may find that a diesel-powered car (or truck) carries enough benefits to consider a switch.

In this blog post, we thought we'd go over some of the main differences. Rest assured, KC Martin Auto Repair will repair your diesel or gasoline-powered vehicle all the same, and we have the proper training and tools to do each effectively.

Here are a few key facts on diesel vehicles that you should know:
  • Price Of Diesel Vehicles - Simply put, diesel engines cost a bit more to manufacture as compared to gasoline-powered engines. Diesel's require a higher level of durability, they include some higher level technology, and also do more to keep cleaner emissions. Therefore, the cost of the diesel version of the same model of car or truck is typically more expensive.
  • Fuel Efficiency and Costs - Diesel fuel is no longer cheaper than gasoline, as it once was. Now, unless you consistently purchase premium gasoline, you would see a difference in cost at the pump. That said, diesel engines are known for their fuel efficiency, and you should get 20-30 percent more miles per gallon on diesel fuel. In the end, a diesel owner will save money on fuel costs. Remember though, not ALL gas stations offer diesel fuel.
  • POWER, Speed, Noisiness and Smoothness in the Ride - Here's where you can see that Diesel engines were so popular with commercial needs like towing, and trucking/hauling. The level of torque and thus power is greatly increased, and although acceleration is wonderful, speed is sacrificed. As the development of passenger vehicles has progressed, these things are being balanced and the differences are being evened out more and more. This is also the same with the traditional concern of diesels being noisy and the ride not being smooth enough. The ride continues to be increasingly smooth and less noisy, yet there is still a difference to be noticed in most vehicles.
  • Maintenance and Repair Costs - It's probably best to keep thinking it's all about the same, when it comes to maintenance. Technically, diesel-fueled engines require less maintenance, mostly due to the lack of spark plugs and need for ignition tuneups. But repairs are generally more costly, so you cannot afford to procrastinate on the care of your diesel vehicle. It's best to be on-schedule and that is hard enough for people to do with any car or truck. Be prepared for that higher repair cost on diesels, but it's not drastically more money.
  • Environmental Impact and Emissions - In general, it's about equal on environmental impact. You are using less non-renewable resources with diesel, but there are more pollutants (like soot and nitrous oxides) expelled when it comes to accelerating from a stop, like in city driving. The emissions though, didn't used to be able to pass US emission standards, but now run much more cleanly than they did just a few ears ago. Bio-diesel is an option, but it does affect your diesel engine's performance.
One really cannot say that a diesel vehicle is BETTER than gas-powered vehicle, but these are some of the differences that could help you find the one that fits your lifestyle best. Diesel engines could save you a lot of money, if you handle them right and suit your needs. Also not that in the coming years, technological advances could adjust some of these factors on both sides of the equation. If you have questions about YOUR diesel vehicle (or any car or truck for that matter) and you are anywhere near the Lynnwood, Edmonds, or Everett areas, please feel free to bring you diesel car or truck to KC Martin Automotive! We have 69 years of experience to help understand and fix any situation.

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