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Car smells and sounds, and how they can alert you to car issues

by KC Martin Automotive on 03/18/15

Early detection and prevention may be the key to saving you thousands of dollars on repair costs to your vehicle. Subtle changes in your car may be an indication of a looming issue. It is imperative to take your vehicle into a professional mechanic to solve the little problems before they damage the major components of your car. But how do you know if your car is in need of assistance? If you are in tune with the normal sounds, smell and sights of your car you will be able to easily notice changes and recognize that a part of your vehicle is having an issue. 

Finding out that something isn't quite right can be as simple as seeing, hearing or smelling something abnormal within your vehicle. As a general guide we recommend you get use your car’s outputs should look like, smell like, and sound like. Below are some examples of suspicious smells, sounds, and sights, and what that may mean for your car. 

· Bitter, pungent smells may involve an oil problem or oil leak. 
· Sulfur, sour smell can indicate an emission or catalytic converter issue. 
· Chemical smells can be caused by a brake or clutch system problem. 

· Screeches and squealing could indicate a brake issue- such as brake deterioration- or power steering problems.
· Clicking in your engine may mean that you do not have enough oil or that there is not enough oil pressure. 
· Heavy knocks from your car could indicate incorrect fuel grade, or a problem with the transmission or torque converter.

· Popping from your engine may be caused be a clog- such as in the ignition or fuel filter. This could also indicate a spark plug issue. 

· Excessive blue or gray smoke indicates that your car may be burning oil because valve seals or piston rings may be worn. Or this could also indicate that you have a bad turbocharger. 
· Black smoke can show that the engine is burning a high amount of fuel. This could be because of pressure regulators, a clog, or a problem with injectors. · Colored puddles of fluid could point to an overheating engine, bad hoses, antifreeze problems, radiator issues or a water pump problem. 
· Red oil leaks can be caused be either transmission or power steering issues. 

Knowing your car well you can help preemptively catch what would turn out to be a bigger issue. Even with the info above, it isn't necessary that you diagnose the problem yourself, but that you know SOMETHING needs to be looked at by a pro. Once you know, or even begin to think, that something strange is going on with a part your vehicle bring it in to a professional for expert diagnosis and care. You'd be surprised how often it REALLY IS a matter of catching something before it gets too bad.

If you need any sort of look-over or auto repair in Edmonds, Lynnwood, Everett, or the Mill Creek WA areas, then please don't hesitate to call on KC Martin. KC Martin has experienced, quality technicians that will work with your car to solve a small issue before it becomes a major repair. If something isn't quite right with your vehicle call us today!

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