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Car Checks for Spring - 6 Tips to Get Your Car Out of Winter

by KC Martin Automotive on 04/02/18

Spring has sprung everyone and although "Spring Cleaning" is the cliche, it's also a great time to "wake your car up" after the harsher weather of Northwest Winter. Here are 6 checks that you can make, or have your car repair specialist make. If you come in for any oil change or service KC Martin goes through and checks out all these areas for you. Do these yourself or at least double check that your service pro has checked off all these areas too!

Check #1: Check your tire wear and each tire's pressure. Really this is a habit you need to get into year-round, but the winter is specifically harsh in wearing down the tread and losing tire pressure. Pump your tires back up to standard, and if the tread is getting low, then consider going to get yourself some fresh replacements.

Check #2: Inspect your hoses and belts. It's another area that really can be checked ANY time, but winter weather can hasten the drying out and cracking of older belts. It's always important to replace belts and hoses before they absolutely fail. If your auto repair technician recommends they be changed, just do it.

Check #3: Have your cooling system checked. This isn't something the average driver can do, but also many auto shops don't automatically check this out----SO REQUEST IT. You probably know if your heater works, since you've likely been leaning on it all Winter, but how about your cooling system? You may need a small repair to your car's air conditioning system, a system flush, or a fluid fill, but you'll never know until it's too late and you're driving around too hot.

Check #4: Have your brakes and brake system checked. Wet weather requires a little more from your brakes, so brake wear can be heightened during Winter months. Fluid levels, brake pad wear and more should be verified. Also a brake fluid flush is recommended every year or two to improve the function of your brakes. Could this be a good time to get that done too?

Check #5: Service your car plugs and car battery. Like almost everything else, you car battery works harder in the cold winter, so the best time to do a random check on the battery and plugs is NOW at the beginning of Spring. Stay ahead of the game and ahead of a failing battery.

Check #6: Test out your wipers, filters, and caps. Your wipers are pretty obviously failing or they're not, but don't procrastinate if they're running a little wonky at the end of the Winter---it's a safety hazard as it limits visibility. Have your air filter checked, and don't hesitate to get it replaced if it's been awhile, it's better for your health. You can also make a quick check that all of the caps under your hood are secured and clean/free of gunky buildups.

There are plenty of folks who will do these checks and replacements on their own, but most drivers don't have the expertise or the time. That's fine. It's still nice to be "in the know" and any good mechanic will not have a problem with you double checking that they did each one of these tasks for your car. A good mechanic like KC Martin here in Lynnwood, will want to help your car run better and handle repairs or services before they are a giant headache or cost to you. Hope these tips help you Spring your car back into health and back into action!

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