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Your Car's Electrical System: What can go wrong?

by KC Martin Automotive on 04/23/14

Your vehicle's electrical system is a combination of the charging, starting, computer, ignition, and lighting systems. Also, it's the that alternator keeps the battery charged. Together, they supply all of the electrical needs of the vehicle. 

Sometimes there are signs that part of your system is failing.  Many of the signs are found in the rough starting of the car, or failure to start altogether. The car's battery, the starter, the alternator, and the ignition switch can each cause your vehicle to start poorly or stop your car from starting at all.  If you have a hard time starting your car, but manage to get it going, it can be a very wise call to drive directly over to the auto repair facility or mechanic you trust.

Diagnosing the issues within the system can require state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. It also helps to have a ton of experience finding and fixing the issues that may arise in your car's electrical systems. KC Martin has both the equipment and the experience to figure out where the problem is stemming from.  Sometimes it is a malfunction with a vehicle's inner computer system that is helping to cause the problem.  No worries!  Top automotive facilities like ours have the ability to get those issues reset and re-calibrated for you.

According to's listings on electrical and lights, it can also be corroded or damage connections that are the culprit. This is why having the proper equipment is important.  If you assume it's the alternator, for instance, and replace it yourself, but the car still doesn't start----you may have wasted your money and time. A trusted Automotive professional is always happy to find that the problem is smaller and less-expensive than it might appear.  Shops like ours are looking to earn your business, NOT create larger issues and costs for you.

If you are in OUR area (see our page on Auto Electrical Repair Lynnwood WA), then you will also be happy to know that when it comes to the non-vital power accessories of your car, such as the windows and power locks, we're ready to serve you as well. If you are calling on a different company, make sure to ask if this is an area that they are comfortable dealing with.  When these things start to have issues, it can be an indicator of a larger, budding problem, or simply an isolated failure.

For more info, you can head over to which has much more information on all the different areas of your vehicle's electrical system. If you have specific questions for KC Martin, do not hesitate to call us and ask!  425-778-1177

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1. Phil's Automotive said on 5/14/14 - 01:15AM
"This post is very informative. Really a nice Post. A handful of things about the car's electrical system. Now a days its very important to get a good <a href=" ">Automotive Repair</a> shop near your place to keep update your vehicle and its electrical systems. "
2. Nora Moore said on 5/8/15 - 10:23AM
It is very clear that there's something wrong with your electrical system if your car won't start. I don't know enough about cars to know what signs go with what electrical problems, though. At least if I call an expert, they will find the real problem instead of me wasting time. With how busy life is, I can't really afford to not be able to drive to work on a regular basis if my car isn't working.
3. Jeff Curtis said on 2/4/16 - 09:20AM
I don't know much about electrical systems of cars, but mine seems to be having some issues. I thought my car was struggling to start because of the battery, but I replaced the battery and it still was struggling. I will have to go get my electrical system checked out, thanks for the help!

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