Auto air conditioning systems can be quite complex but here at K.C. Martin we specialize in assisting to diagnose and fix air conditioning systems to help you stay cool in your vehicle! How can you tell if you are having a problem with your system?  Check out the common systems below.

​   Symptoms of an air conditioning system issue:
  • Air compressor noise
  • Bad smell coming out of the A/C vent
  • Unreliable temperatures

​For any air condition system issue we have the right tools to figure out what the problem is and the experience to fix the issue right.  Whether you have a new or old system we will do whatever it takes to fix or replace your system.  Give us a call today to schedule a diagnosis.

    We're trained and experienced with: 
  • Stopping air conditioning Leaks
  • Repairing compressors, evaporators, and hoses
  • Replacing A/C units altogther
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